50# Tidal Kelp Meal 1-0.1-2 (Organic)


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Today many farmers have concluded that the use of an NPK chemical plant food program has resulted in nutritional deficiencies for their livestock. The addition of kelp meal to the livestock ration has completed the missing components in the feed supply, resulting in healthier more productive animals.

Kelp meal has been used for centuries as a natural feed additive. It contains in excess of 60 minerals, and more than 12 vitamins and all-essential amino acids.
Tidal kelp meal is processed within 24 hours of harvest. This is necessary to maintain the highest possible vitamin and amino acid profile. Traditional manufacturers dry by spreading the kelp on the ground. This is subject to weather delays and possible contamination. Tidal’s mechanical drying process provides consistency day after day. The final product is available in a dry granular form and is easily added to pre mixes or used as a top dressing.

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