BioAg Ful-Humix Powder (Organic)


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Ful-Humix® is a soluble, concentrated humic powder and powerful soil/nutrient activator. It increases nutrient efficiency and uptake, increases cellular activities at all levels, stimulates beneficial microorganisms and converts raw organic matter and fertilizers into available forms for faster uptake. In the root zone it reduces the uptake of sodium, aluminum and other metals that negatively effect plants. Ful-Humix® will also buffer the soil with organic biopolymers, thus preventing tie up of nutrients and trace elements (through chelation and complexing). At BioAg our thoughtful manufacturing methods retain the efficacy of the parent material leading to a high bio-stimulation effect. OMRI LISTED.

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300 grams, 1 kg (2.2#), 5#, 50#


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