Pro-Pel-It Crustacean Meal 4-0-0 (Organic)

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Pro-Pell-It! Crustacean Meal 4-0-0 is unique input because it contains a major constituent in the exoskeletons of many soil-dwelling insects, chitin. By introducing Crustacean Meal into your soil, you begin feeding the soil organisms that consume chitin. As the Crustacean Meal degrades and feeds the plants, these soil organisms begin seeking out new sources of chitin such as grubs and other soil insects.

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5 reviews for Pro-Pel-It Crustacean Meal 4-0-0 (Organic)

  1. Jackson (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Package arrived unharmed and in a timely manner

  2. Jack (verified owner)

    Really big bag. Lots of material as the meal is very light.

  3. Jen L. (verified owner)


  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Organic and good price

  5. mason (verified owner)

    so glad concentrates sells this stuff, and at a reasonable price. will be using concentrates quite a bit in the future.

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