50# Par 4 Bone Meal 2-14-0 Granular (Organic)


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This premium product is made with finely-ground bone meal combined with lignin, a natural, water soluble binder. The rendering process includes high heat which makes PAR4® 2-14-0 nearly free of pathogens and contaminants. The naturally occurring Nitrogen and Phosphorous are available to soil microbes and plants; the portion that is not immediately available releases slowly and has minimal impact on waterways and aquatic organisms. PAR4® granulated bone meal is consistently sized and suitable for use in soil blends, mixed with compost or top-dressed in containerized plants. It can be applied with conventional fertilizer equipment.

  • Natural source of nitrogen and phosphate, providing strong root systems and cell walls to all your plants
  • Easy to apply — the uniform size makes hand application as easy as using conventional fertilizer equipment
  • Nearly dust free; replaces powdery, hard-to-handle bone meal and reduces your exposure to irritating dust particles
  • Soil test recommended before application. Make certain you are applying exactly what your soil needs
  • Applications: soil blends, compost, top dressing

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Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 7 in



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