50# Par 4 Fertilizer 9-3-7 (Organic)


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PAR4® 9-3-7 is a granulated, protein-based, multi purpose fertilizer with all essential elements for healthy plant growth. The nitrogen, derived from feather meal releases in concert with your plant’s growth. As they grow faster, more nitrogen is available for uptake. Feather meal is rich in amino acids, the critical building blocks of proteins and strong cell walls. Meat and bone meal supply phosphorous. Potassium sulfate is the potash source. Together these key elements are responsible for fruit and flower development and preventing diseases such as blossom end rot on tomatoes and peppers. PAR4® 9-3-7 is easily applied with conventional fertilizer equipment, blended into soil mixes and compost or top-dressed.

The organic components stimulate microbial activity in your soil, allowing for a healthy soil ecosystem to flourish, providing nutrient cycling. Since the nutrients release over time and are consumed by microorganisms as well as the plants, you don’t need to fertilize as often. The complete formulation means that you can fertilize with PAR4 9-3-7 and be confident that your plants are getting a total package of nutrients.

  • Contains feather, blood, meat and bone meals plus potassium sulfate
  • Consistently sized granules; avoid irritating dust
  • 9% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorous and 7% Potash
  • No manure or compost
  • Low in heavy metals
  • Nitrogen releases in tune with the plant’s need
  • Requires fewer applications than manure-based fertilizers
  • Applications: soil blends, compost, top dressing
  • Soil test recommended before application – make sure you are applying exactly what your soil needs

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