Plan B African Nightcrawler Worm Castings (Organic)

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African Nightcrawler Worm Castings are farmed in a climate controlled environment in Canada or the USA. These exceptional worm castings are provided in their purest form. There are no additives of any kind used in the final production. This all natural product does not contain manure or any other animal by-products. Our worm castings can be used in gardens, landscaping, containers and raised beds, for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, vines, trees and shrubs.

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Weight52 lbs
Dimensions29 × 19 × 7 in

1 cubic foot, 2 Cubic Yards

1 review for Plan B African Nightcrawler Worm Castings (Organic)

  1. Huong Tran (verified owner)

    it’s was great!

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